Circumcision is oftentimes a religious tradition, but according to some medical groups, there are maybe some medical benefits and advantages to having your son circumcised. It is believed that circumcision reduces the incidence if urinary tract infection in males.

There is a misconception that circumcision can protect males from prostate cancer. Circumcision does not reduce the risk of cancer. And it has never been proven to affect sexual performance.

Remember that circumcision is compulsory and parents may opt not to let their baby undergo this proceduce. Circumcision doesn’t make any difference in the maleness of your son.

If you know more about it, the more you are against it. But, just know more . Your son deserves it.

Here are some few facts about circumcision.
1. It has risk.
2. It is painful.
3. It is not popular.
4. It doesn’t mean it’s cleaner than uncut coz it’s not. It depends on individual.
5. The medical circumcision is different from traditional way.


Source: Circumcision Retrieved from


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