Real Motivated People

I state that my personal idol is Alex Zanardi , after an ugly incident in F1 and survived by a miracle today he is a true example of what it means not to surrender. After a long convalescence in the hospital, started to work on himself with an enviable also result in large samples. Returned to the scene and participating in various competitions with excellent results in car sport did not stop and continued his athletic career in various sports activities. Thanks Alex Zanardi to give courage to so many people.

Real Motivated People2

Alex Zanardi

Paralimpiadi, secondo oro per Alex Zanardi.

Reading here or there on the web I discovered another very interesting character, full of life and with a capacity of giving strong emotions and motivations huge, I talk about Nick Vujicic . Even this character just to hear it gives you a huge force and if you look at his video any leaves you speechless and maybe some even a tear

I can only advise you to take example from these people with a great strength of character

I will not give up fighting for my Stephanie

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